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Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching IS about discovery, learning, and exploring what you believe about your own leadership potential and moving toward those things in strategic ways. It is about helping you to enhance your effectiveness and truly enjoy your work.

Executive Leadership Coaching is NOT therapy or counseling. While our approach is holistic and takes into account how you came to be in this moment, our coaching focus will be on the professional results you wish to achieve.

The art of leadership is more than mastering the ability to wield power and influence over others. It is a set of learned human interaction skills that lead to improved performance, increased engagement and productivity, more opportunities for service, and reductions in costly and ineffective practices. It requires an awareness of one's impact on others, emotional intelligence, and being mindful of your actions and behaviors.

The science of leadership is as important as the art. Neither functions well without the other. The science of leadership requires focused alignment of mission, vision, and values, the right data, processes, policies, structures, and methodologies to support and advance the vision and mission. We need to fully understand why and what we are doing (mission) and where we're going (vision) in order to get there.


  1. You've inherited a new team and want to get off to a great start and/or change direction.
  2. You want to accelerate your career and/or shift it.
  3. You love your leadership role and are striving to be the leader you know you can be.
  4. You are enjoying your leadership role far less than you had hoped or expected.
  5. You want to improve the culture in your team/organization.
  6. You have trouble transforming conflicts into positive outcomes.
  7. You want to navigate the "politics" of your organization successfully.
  8. You are brilliant in your area of expertise, got promoted to a leadership role, and find yourself unprepared to lead people.
  9. You received feedback that there are some blocks getting in the way of being as effective as you need to be.
  10. You want to do a great job without working 24/7.


The average Return On Investment for Executive Coaching is $7.90 for every $1 in coaching fees (source: MetrixGlobal LLC). The average increase in productivity as a result of Executive Coaching is 86% (source: Personnel Management Association). The number of Fortune 500 companies who regularly utilize and invest in executive coaches for their leaders and up-and-comers is 21%-40% in a given year and growing (source: Hay Group).

will receive confidential, unconditional support.
will raise your professional profile, allowing for increased job satisfaction, promotion, and career mobility.
will have much greater self-awareness and measurably increase your emotional intelligence.
will know what it takes to be a highly effective leader of others.
will learn how to deal with difficult people and conflicts at work in a constructive way.
will learn the skills needed to keep your career moving or course correct if needed.
will learn how to get real "buy in" around your change efforts and goals.
will be able to see how, exactly, to apply and leverage what you learn - immediately.
will be able to identify your passion(s).
will create strategies for next steps and a realistic action plan.
will get what YOU need!


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What People are Saying

Thank you,Roxi! As you know,I had built a

reputation of being a hard-nosed implementer with little capacity for empathy. Some of that reputation was an accurate depiction of who I was, some was an intentional mechanism that I used to get work done. It turns out, as proficient as I am technically and analytically, those skills aren't tremendously uncommon. What differentiates me from the pack NOW are the skills you taught me. I was just complimented again by my boss today about how much she appreciates my interpersonal skills. She says I have a "real knack with people." What I learned from you has changed my life!

"Roxi's professional coaching is an experience I will never forget and always be grateful to have received. In fact, to this day, I still refer back to the notes from our professional coaching sessions. What is different about Roxi is that she quickly connects with people in a very trusting way and works to uncover the root of communication and behavioral barriers. She taught me how to move from surviving to thriving by giving me candid feedback and solid tools and approaches to use based on playing to my strengths and minimizing my challenges. Roxi coaches to a level of depth most do not by providing insight into fears and anxieties and applying subtle pressure to guide and encourage action. Roxi is truly a gem and her ability to effectively coach is a gift to all."

"Roxi is both an outstanding Group Facilitator and an impactful Executive Coach. Roxi worked with our associates as guest faculty in our corporate university. Her interactive approach always captivated her audiences and kept them excited to learn. As a coach, Roxi clearly made a difference gaining the trust of many wary leaders and helping them to identify and work hard towards achieving meaningful goals."