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Organizational Effectiveness = Getting it Done!

    Organizational effectiveness is the measure of how successfully (or not) organizations are achieving their missions and advancing their visions through their core strategies. Organizational Effectiveness requires that Human Resource and Organizational Development efforts tie directly to the desired business outcomes. That means: measuring what matters!

    Over the past several years, nearly 40% of the top 2,500 Global CEOs have been removed from their posts. The vast majority of them were fired because of a failure to execute. "The main reason companies do so poorly at execution is that their leaders have either been unable or unwilling to make a connection between their company's goals and the realities of how their companies actually operate, how the market is actually performing, or how their customers' needs can change almost every day." (Charan, Burch and Bossidy, 2002).

    Good execution requires leaders to manage three interrelated and interdependent business components: People...Strategy...Operations. Normally, executives devote a lot of time, money and energy into developing a good strategy. They may do a good job aligning operations to support that strategy. The most common set of problems stem from leaders' failure to align their people processes with the strategic priorities of the organization, business, or agency.


    Highland Consulting Group, Inc. focuses on Organizational Effectiveness by asking:

  • Leadership and talent management alignment - How does leadership style, communication (including artifact assessment), motivation, commitment and leader behaviors/actions create the work place climate that's necessary for the organization to be productive?

  • Strategic alignment -How well are the strategic priorities are transmitted, shared and made consistent with your organization's values and the behaviors and actions that transmit them? How well are your strategies informed by the external market and environment?

  • Cultural alignment - How is the REAL CULTURE aligned to the values and beliefs of employees? How are internal processes linked so there is ACCOUNTABILITY for behaviors and actions that do or do not support the business strategy?

  • Performance alignment -How engaged and resilient are your people? Do the performance management policies, practices, and processes align to day-to-day behaviors and activities? Do they match and support the strategic priorities? Is yours a "high performance culture?"

  • Customer focus alignment -How do the strategic, performance, and people processes align to successfully focus on the customer relationship? What is the "value proposition" telling you?

  • It is critical to know where you are before you step on the gas! Not knowing is like taking a trip with no map and a half-tank of gas. If you have loads of time and money to waste and don't mind getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, then don't measure anything. If not, then we can help you map out your journey to greatness by focusing on and measuring the right things.

    Data for data's sake is a waste of time and money. Our goal is to laser focus on what matters and "get it done!" We know any assessment is a snap shot in time because things and people shift continuously. Yet, there are key elements that do not shift continuously - culture, values, norms, mission, etc. Highland Consulting Group, Inc. utilizes every tool necessary including custom metrics. We conduct a topic focused needs assessment to understand fully the internal strengths and challenges around these alignment questions. We can also assess the results of your training initiatives, development programs, performance systems.

    • Culture Assessment
    • Talent Assessment
    • Performance Assessment
    • Quality of work life
    • Climate Checks
    • Leadership Needs Assessment
    • Emotional Intelligence Assessment - individual, team, organization
    • Stakeholder value proposition metrics
    • Management Team Effectiveness
    • Identifyand Engagement of High Potentials
    • Alignment of Internal Processes
    • Alignment of Internal Policies
    • Alignment of Internal Communication Messaging
    • Accountability Assessment
    • Compensation Alignment to Strategy
    • Policy Alignment to Strategy
    • Decision Hierarchy Matrix

    Bottom line... we care about your bottom line almost as much as you do.
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    What People are Saying

    Roxi knows more about leadership and

    and especially leadership development than anyone I know. During the time I served as the chair of her Master's thesis at Cornell University's ILR School, we spent many hours discussing these topics and it soon became clear to me not only that she had a firm grasp of both the theory and practice of leadership, but also that she had developed a carefully considered and thoroughly thought out philosophy and methodology for conveying the essence of this notoriously difficult topic to others…. If I were contemplating the adoption of a significant development experience for my leadership team, I would beg Roxi and her team to take on the assignment."

    Roxi Hewertson has the skills to assess a leader, team, or organization. She speaks the truth to those who need to hear it. She collaboratively helps you fix your problem, knowing and honoring that it is you, not her, who must live with the solution.

    "I can't imagine a better investment in our organization- in staff people as individuals, as a team, and in the culture of our organization. Every moment of our staff retreat was valuable time spent under the coaching and care of Roxi Bahar Hewertson. All of the exercises were relevant and meaningful. The experience with Roxi has had a lasting impact for all of us, in change, in our perspectives, and in our practices. I HIGHLY recommend this investment as it has paid off for us many times over!"


    "Roxi is a brilliant facilitator of strategic meetings for the college bookstore industry. Roxi's planning - which includes a drive to fully understand the industry and its challenges - leads to one to two day high-level strategic brain-storms of structure, reason, and creativity. These sessions produce high yielding outcomes beyond the days of the sessions and into the months and years that follow."