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We are a leadership company. We partner with clients to build and sustain outstanding leadership capacity and results.


Together, we will create a better world, one leader at a time.


We build trust through...

RESULTS : we connect people to purpose.

IMPACT : we make a positive difference with our work.

COMMITMENT : we always keep our promises.

HUMANITY : we care deeply about our relationships.

SPIRIT : we make sure everyone wins while having fun.

Best-in-Class Leaders Engage and Empower

We will help you engage and empower the best in you and your people. We will help you embed your vision and values into your life and your culture. Peak leadership and peak organizational performance leads to outstanding results. This is a proven outcome of transformative leadership and organizational effectiveness. Our team will help you chart your course to leave a legacy marked by passion, high achievement, humanity and innovation.

Bottom line...we want you to know everything we know about actualizing your leadership potential and activating it in those around you.

Highland Consulting Group, Inc. is a unique leadership company in our mission, vision, and values. We use a PARTNER model in our work. We leverage decades of top-notch academic and corporate knowledge and experience to do that. Highland Consulting Group, Inc. partners with highly trained and tested Senior Consultants to match the needs of our clients each and every time. This saves you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Our roster of colleagues and consultants from all over the country includes vetted experts in Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence, Metrics, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations, Board Development, C-Suite Development, and more.

We have created an alliance of top talent ready to go, full steam ahead, to meet your call to action. If for any reason, we cannot meet your needs, we will help you find someone who can.

Success in achieving your goals is what matters to you - and it's what matters to us.


Roxana (Roxi) Bahar Hewertson has spent her entire career leading and learning the truths about how and why leaders - great and lousy - lead the way they do. For 35 years, she has helped both emerging and expert leaders boost quantifiable job performance in education, service, sales, productivity, and profits to achieve or exceed organizational and personal goals.

Roxi's expertise in Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resource Management - honed as director of administration, facilities and finance at Cornell University - means she knows how to lead and how to teach the art and science of leadership. Through her trademark Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect, she works with an exclusive group of clients, providing intensive one-on-one guidance and feedback to launch or course-correct C-Suite women and men who have a deep desire to make a difference in their companies and in the world.

At the core of Roxi's success as CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. is her ability and passion to empower leaders on their journey to building their leadership skills, honing their interpersonal effectiveness and sharpening their capacity to achieve great results.

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Our Clients

What People are Saying

I have both worked for and with Roxi for

over 11 years.As a boss I have never had a better one, nor do I expect to. She was encouraging and inspiring in vision, clear yet compassionate, expecting the best from her direct reports and usually getting it with appreciation. More recently, I have first hand experience with her fun yet productive approach at Highland Consulting Group, Inc. And I know very many of her clients, all of whom speak highly of her. When they want someone who will tell them the stark truth, yet also guide them to practical solutions, they call Roxi. Every one of them, when they are struggling with a leadership issue, thinks of Roxi. And if they don't call her that very instant, they at least start to travel down the "what would Roxi tell me?" path.

"Roxi Bahar Hewertson is a dynamic facilitator who helps individuals, groups, and organizations get to the heart of what will lead them to be successful. She is big-picture, intuitive, and has the ability to frame a situation, yet skilled at making sense of detail. By her nature she invites those with whom she works to bring their best to the table enabling them and the group to develop, progress, and make progress towards a better future state. She excels at sensing conflict and is highly skilled in dealing with it and getting to the heart of a matter in a way that people feel heard and hear others. I have facilitated with Roxi and been facilitated by Roxi earlier in my career. Your time and resources will be well spent."

"As my mentor, teacher, and friend over the past six years, Roxi has continually and passionately displayed her greatest gift - her ability to help leaders and groups get to the heart of any issue and truly see, often for the first time, that change is possible. What this has meant for me and her other clients is that she facilitates and inspires real transformation - the kind of transformation that helps organizations grow their cultures and their leadership in positive ways, so they can enjoy better bottom-line results."

When she's not guiding leaders, speaking at conferences, teaching leadership programs, and consulting with great organizations, Roxi writes novels. Her new novel, Cross of Ivy arrived in bookstores July, 2015. It is a story about two families and four generations of family secrets where love, betrayal and intrigue appear in the streets of Boston to Louisiana plantation country, and crescendo within the hallowed halls of the Ivy League.
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