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How you lead matters...a lot!

In nature, just as each dropped stone has a ripple effect expanding outward, the ripples eventually come back to their place of origin. There is no escaping your ripple effectas a leader. If we are to lead mindfully, we must consider our splash and our wake. Like the wake that is created when a stone interrupts the tranquility of the water, the consequences of your behaviors and actions have a very real impact on everyone around you. When we are leading, we are splashing around in the lives of others.

At Highland Consulting Group, Inc. we offer to take a disciplined journey with you, your teams, and your organization, in helping you lead them where they didn't know they could go. These are some of the topics we can customize to meet the needs for you and your organization.

    Multiple Day Intensives for Leaders and their Teams:

  • Leading With Impact - Your Ripple Effect

    Five, six, nine or eleven-day intensive experiential leadership development program for your organization.

    Five, six, nine or eleven-day intensive experiential leadership development program for your organization. Personal Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery, Team Mastery, System Mastery are the overarching topics that are all customizable to your organization when we partner with you on your site. We can adjust the course to focus more on one area than another, create your business specific case studies, and engage your in-house leaders and facilitators to add depth and topic specific learning.

    Five-day intensives for C-Suite and Senior Leaders are offered only two times per year in one of our carefully chosen venues in some of the most beautiful and inspirational places on earth, including our own Highland Lodge Center in the magnificent Finger Lakes Region - "wine country" of Upstate New York.

  • High Impact Facilitation

    Four or Five-day facilitation skills training for leaders and organizational development professionals. We offer this either on your site or our site. Participants leave knowing their strengths, challenges, and opportunities for facilitating group action, high impact meetings, and group learning. Every leader needs these critical skills to get the best from groups and teams.
    • Single-Day Customized Intensive Sessions:

    • Personal Mastery Learn your preference, how to identify your values and create your personal mission and vision.

    • Sustainable Leadership Learn how to "grow your bench" and maximize your high potentials.

    • Succession Planning Learn how to create an inside and outside plan to make sure your legacy lives on and grows even stronger.

    • The Courage to Lead Learn what courage means in day to day leadership and how to measure how much courage your team exhibits.

    • Strategic Visioning Learn the difference between vision, strategies, and tactics and how to create ACTION and execute for results.

    • Mission, Vision, Values Clarification Learn the differences between Mission and Vision and Values and how to create powerful, unforgettable, inspirational, meaningful statements and actions for each.

    • Creating and Sustaining Your Culture Learn how to determine what kind of culture you have and determine what culture you want to have and the steps to take to create and sustain your culture "on purpose".

    • Leading Change Learn the critical 6 steps to any change process and models for change that can guide you to change that sticks instead of change that's stinky.

    • Building and Leading Successful Teams Learn how to build and sustain high performance, high functioning teams that get the work done in less time, with fewer resources, and with great results.

    • Facilitating Groups Learn the differences between leading and facilitating and how great facilitation can leverage the work and results of ANY group or team.

    • Board Development Learn how to tap into the brains and hearts of your volunteer or paid Board and to define, balance and leverage the role of the leaders with the role of the Board.

    • Decision Matrix Planning Learn how to decide how to decide including determining decision rights, boundaries, and chains of command that actually work. Learn the what, who, how, of making decisions easier and sustainable.

    • Engaging Employees Learn what engages employees and the powerful bottom-line impact either way.

    • Policies at Work Learn how to make policies work for you rather than have you work for the policies.

    • Conflict Resolution Learn how to prevent, resolve, and facilitate conflicts whether slow and simmering or hot and spontaneous.

    • Fierce and Crucial Conversations Learn how to speak your truth no matter who you are conversing with and why leaders who do this well rise to the top far faster than those who don't.

    • Building Personal and Organizational Resilience Learn how you can build and sustain and rebuild your, your team's, and your organization's resilience so you bounce back from adversity and are even stronger.

    • Mergers and Acquisitions Learn why mergers and acquisitions have high failure rate and discover the critical nature of culture and values when shifting organizational structures - internally or externally so they can succeed and make people and the organizations stronger vs. weaker.

    For more information or to enroll, contact Highland Consulting Group, Inc. at


    What People are Saying

    Roxi's trainings are substantive, liberating

    and ultimately, transformative. She expands people's horizons in ways that better position them to lead with greater awareness, competence and confidence. She helps leaders better understand how clarity of roles, engagement, interactions and commitment not only shape organization culture, but are key to increasing organizational capacity. I've also learned the value of strategic choice in simplifying decision-making protocols. I am more efficient, more effective and able to add more value because of what I've learned through Roxi's training and coaching!

    All of our staff came away from the training "Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect" with new information and new ways at looking at communication. We have various disciplines of staff from physical therapists, nurses and HR Management that are well trained in their own fields but have never had the opportunity for development in leadership. The training series from the Highland Consulting Group Inc. would fill a void in the community and this type of training would be most welcome and encouraged. Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to understanding the value of leadership and the impact that it can have on an organization.

    Roxi Hewertson's leadership series is an invaluable resource to organization leaders. Roxi goes to the core of leadership in her series; other trainings and workshops that others offer are valuable tools for solving many of the every day problems of leadership, but Roxi goes to the core. Not every leader will sign up. But those who do will begin the most fruitful journey that any leader can undertake. The results will be lasting because the depth is substantial and because focus and effort are involved. Every leader I know is frustrated, most of them seriously so, by their inability to "get ahead" of the onrush of new problems; they want to move their organizations ahead more effectively. Training such as Roxi's is the only means to that end that I know of.

    Roxi has an uncanny ability to get inside the head and heart of organizations. She understands what makes people and processes tick, and she brings years of experience and wisdom to help them tick better.