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Hire Right, Fire Right:

A Leader's Guide to Finding And Keeping Your Best People


Rowman & Littlefield 2020

Finding and keeping the right people should be at the top of every leader’s priorities, but few are taught reliable strategies to build and keep their dream team…until now.


“When we hire well, firing is rarely an issue. When we fire well, lawsuits and violence are rarely an issue. Yet, few leaders have the tools, skills and strategies for this crucial part of their job,” says Roxi Bahar Hewertson, an acclaimed executive leadership consultant and coach. She is the author of the new book HIRE RIGHT, FIRE RIGHT: A LEADER’S GUIDE TO FINDING AND KEEPING YOUR BEST PEOPLE (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, October 2020, Hardcover). Consider that nationally about 50 percent of hires fail and, of those that succeed, an average of 20 percent are top performers. Roxi Bahar Hewertson has seen firsthand the high human and business costs of hiring and firing in all the wrong ways. She wrote this book to help change those results. According to Marshall Goldsmith, a top tier global leadership coach and best selling author, “Every leader, no matter what kind of workplace, should have a ‘dog-eared’ copy of this book.”


HIRE RIGHT, FIRE RIGHT is built around Bahar Hewertson’s ARC model: Acquisition (hire right), Retention (nurture right), and Closure (fire right). She offers easy-to-follow road maps for each stage of an employees experience with sample form letters, handy checklists, and worksheets built upon three decades of practice helping savvy leaders attract and keep their top talent. As a consultant who has developed leaders in higher education, business, and the non-profit worlds, Bahar Hewertson has crafted powerful strategies for leaders who understand that a business is only as productive, creative, and successful as its employees.


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Lead Like It Matters...

Because It Does

McGraw-Hill 2014



The game of life is like a boomerang. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.
—Florence Shinn


Fact 1: People are messy. Groups are messy. These truths are never going to change.
Fact 2: We all know what good and bad leadership looks like and feels like. These truths are unlikely to change.

Fact 3: Today, we continue to have a few great leaders, some pretty good leaders, and bucket loads of people in positions of authority who are medi- ocre, incompetent, or worse at leadership. These truths can change.


If you doubt Fact 3 even a little, consider the mismanagement, lack of lead- ership, corruption, pain, suffering, and financial disasters that failed leadership has caused in Lehman Brothers, British Petroleum, the U.S. Congress, Syria, AIG, Enron, WorldCom, Fannie Mae, J.P. Morgan, the Catholic Church, Penn State . . . the list goes on and on, with new revelations about failed leadership every day, in every walk of life, with a trail of tears following each one.


You would not let a surgeon operate without her proving that she had the necessary skill set to preserve human life. Yet, even though we know that leaders have a significant impact on people’s lives and well-being, we allow them to operate in their sphere of influence without having to prove that they have the skill set or the integrity to lead anyone anywhere. Naming a star player as the new coach of the rest of the players is an act of madness unless that player has the leadership skill set and attitude needed to make that switch. When it works, it is often by luck, not by design. This does not make any kind of good business or common sense.


How To Build A Space Station

A Parable About Values At Work


Xlibris 2002

Roxi’s first book is a light-hearted but serious look about workplace values. It tells a tale of two humanoid Robots programmed with emotions and working in companies with very different values and cultures. Tune in to see what happens to BIZ 1 and BIZ 2 as the humans around them influence their results.

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            Cross of Ivy

                                    A Novel

                        Koehler Publishing 2015

When she’s not guiding leaders, speaking at conferences, teaching leadership programs, and consulting with great organizations, Roxi writes novels. Her novel, Cross of Ivy is a story about two families and four generations of family secrets where love, betrayal and intrigue begin in the streets of Boston and continue to Louisiana plantation country, and crescendo within the hallowed halls of the Ivy League.

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About The Author

Roxi Bahar Hewerston

Leadership expert Roxi Bahar Hewertson brings over three decades of practical experience in the worlds of higher education, business, and non-profits. She is an organizational consultant, executive coach, motivational speaker, and author, providing leaders with step-by-step roadmaps and practical tools to achieve great results. She is the CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc.


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