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There is no escaping your ripple effect as a leader. If we are to lead mindfully, we must consider our splash and our wake. Like the wake that is created when a stone interrupts the tranquility of the water, the consequences of our behaviors and actions have a very real impact on everyone around us. When we are leading, we are splashing around and making waves in the lives of others whether we know it or not. In fact, much of the time, we have no idea how big an impact our actions, behaviors, and choices have on other people's lives.

At Highland Consulting Group, Inc. we go on a purposeful journey with you, your teams, and your organization, helping you lead your people where they may not have known they could go. We help you inspire the greatness and unwrap the wisdom within.


Note: All programs can be delivered and facilitated virtually

  • Lead Like it Matters: Because it Does!

    Three, Five, and Six day long intensive experiential leadership development program for your organization. These can be adapted and spaced out to accommodate either a virtual or live environment. Personal Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery, Team Mastery, Culture & System Mastery are the overarching core topics that are customizable to your organization. We partner with you to fit your culture and needs. We can also engage your in-house leaders and facilitators to add depth and topic specific learning.

  • High Impact Facilitation

    Four-day ‘train the trainer’ facilitation skills program for leaders and organizational development and HR professionals. Participants leave knowing their strengths, challenges, and opportunities for facilitating teams, group action, highly productive meetings, and group learning. Every leader needs to  be proficient in these skills to get the best results from their teams.

  • Full and Half-Day Programs

    Hire Right, Fire Right Learn how to find and keep your best people.


    Personal Mastery Learn your leadership preferences, how to identify your values and create your personal mission and vision.


    Emotional & Social Intelligence Assessment & Training The key differentiator for effective leadership.


    Actualized Leadership Profile & Training Individual and team leadership profiles and group culture assessment.


    Constructive Feedback Learn how to speak your truth no matter with whom you are conversing. Get insights about why leaders who do this well rise to the top far faster than those who don't.


    Conflict Transformation Learn how to prevent, resolve, transform, and facilitate conflicts whether slow and simmering or hot and spontaneous.


    Building Personal and Organizational Resilience Learn how you can build, sustain, and rebuild your own, your team's, and your organization's resilience so you bounce back from adversity and thrive.


    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Learn your MBTI preferences and how they play out at work, on teams, and at home.


    Sustainable Leadership and Succession Planning Learn how to "grow your bench" and maximize your high potentials. Create an inside and outside plan to ensure you have the right people doing the right things in the future.


    The Courage to Lead Learn what courage means in day to day leadership and how to measure your team's courage.


    Strategic Visioning Learn the difference between mission and vision, strategies and tactics and how to create ACTION and execute for results.


    Mission, Vision, Values Clarification Learn how to create concise, clear, unforgettable, and inspirational statements.


    Creating and Sustaining Your Culture Learn how to determine what kind of culture you have using the C.A.T Scan® and determine what culture you want with clear steps to take to create and sustain your desired culture "on purpose".


    Leading Change Learn the critical steps to any change process (big or small) and models for that can ensure your change 'sticks' instead of dealing with the fallout from a change that falls short or fails.


    Building and Leading Successful Teams Learn how to build and sustain high performance, high functioning teams that get the work done in less time, with fewer resources, and with great results.


    Facilitating Groups Learn the differences between leading and facilitating and how great facilitation can leverage the work and results of ANY group or team.


    Decision Matrix Planning Learn how to decide how to decide, determining decision rights, boundaries, and chains of command that actually work. Learn the what, who, how, and when of making decisions faster, easier, and sustainable.


    Engaging Employees Learn what will engage your employees and the powerful of engaged vs. disengaged employees on your bottom line.


    Policies at Work Learn how to make policies work for you, rather than have you work for the policies.



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